Mama I Want to Fund

Are you a MILF?

HEYMAMA is redefining the word MILF. Together with IFUNDWOMEN we are empowering those who like moms to help support HEYMAMA, a community that makes mamas more successful.   By proudly purchasing and wearing your MILF T-shirt you’ll not only help bring awareness to the lack of capital accessible to women but also erase the stigma that women who have children or want to have children are un-fundable.  


HEYMAMA is building a global village for mothers in business. We have one goal: to make mamas more successful. The story began when founders Amri Kibbler and Katya Libin set off to create what was missing in their own lives: a tribe of badass business women who have each others’ backs and actively intend to make the world a better place!

Together Amri and Katya have grown an Instagram account meant to inspire moms into a global community that fills a deep need. As we raise the next generation of humans while simultaneously building companies, developing innovating products and investing back into our communities, we need support and resources. Women make strong leaders, but nearly half say they they don't have the mentorship and capital needed to grow their business. Our community is designed to change this by helping mamas in business address critical challenges through mentorship, digital resources, real-time advice, and experiences.

We invest in the success of other mamas because we know that each mama who thrives gives back even more to her community and the world at large. If we want society to thrive, we need mamas to thrive.